About Me

Jonny Stofko is a health and fitness professional, entrepreneur and cohost of the internationally acclaimed show The Vision Board Podcast. He has interviewed some of the worlds most influential people in fitness and business, learning from the likes of Elliott Hulse, Gary Vaynerchuk, Evander Holyfield, Grant Cardone, Dr John DeMartini and many others.

'Learning is critical to success, you must seek to learn as it keeps the mind agile and able to find solutions in places others do not look. Hard work is also critical, but without learning it is less effective. For example, you can move a heavy rock with exertion, but you will tire quickly and give up. Chip away the rock into a ball and you may effortlessly roll it.' - Jonny Stofko

It is through experience and learning that Jonny has developed a philosophy of well-balanced longevity. His methods are organic and natural, including a balanced physical routine, a natural whole food based diet, and simple stress release Techniques such as meditation, sensory deprivation and acupuncture.

Credentials include a B.A. In Sports Psychology from California State University/Fullerton and a Master Graduate in Leadership and Personal Development from Rapport Leadership Intl.

Jonny currently resides in Sydney, Australia working with clients on a group and individual basis, helping them achieve their full potential, all the while reaching their goals.